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Road protections of type barrier
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Road protections, production and road protection. The enterprise - the direct producer of a road protection of any type. Road protections Road protections - a scope: Road protections are applied at construction and operation of public highways, access roads to the industrial enterprises, on...
Group: Protections for road
Safety fences, barrier-type
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Barrier protection (road)   Safety fences, barrier-type, manufacturing   - Production of metal fences, barrier-type all makes and models, designed for public roads. Positions where guardrails on road sections defined State Standard 2735. In step manufacturing guardrails are executed such...
Group: Safety fences, barrier-type
Road metal (barrier-type fencing)
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Road metalwork Production and installation of a metalwork occupies one of the most perspective places in work of our company. Production specializes in release: construction metalwork of any complexity; protections are road; barriers are road; bridge protections; racks are road; sections, beams....
Group: Fenders for highways and roads, metallic
Racks under boards of indexes and road signs
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Production of racks under road signs and signs of individual design, boards of indexes of the directions. An anticorrosive covering – primer GF-021 or hot zinc 80-120 microns thick.
Group: Supports for th road signs
Bridge protection
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Mission of bridge protections – prevention of road accident, reduction of its weight, avoidance of collision of the vehicles moving in the counter direction, collisions with designs  bridge. Brands of a bridge protection – 11MO, 11MD. An anticorrosive covering – primer GF-021 or hot zinc 80-120...
Group: Enclosure of barrier type for roads and bridges
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Production of railing and fencing construction. Safety fences railing type - this technical arrangement means roads, streets or artificial structures for preventing a pedestrian exit in the hazardous area. Anticorrosive coating - primer GF-021 or a hot zinc thickness of 80-120 microns.
Group: Metalware
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We offer a full range of hardware for the installation of road and bridge barrier fences. Other hardware in stock. Anticorrosive coating - zinc. Bolt Road M16h45 GOST 7802-81, GOST 5915 Nut M16                    
Group: Hardware


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